Participants – more than 2500 national and foreign young people

The event is going to be attended by a great number of national and foreign young (Romanian Diaspora, Sister Orthodox Churches).

Each diocese invited to send its representatives to the event will be responsible for selecting the participants. Also, each group of 40 participants will have a person in charge, accompanied by 4 assistants (one assistant for every 10 young participants group).

Young people’s selection will be carried out according to the following criteria:

  • young Orthodox, boys and girls, aged 16 to 35, responsible for a parish’s youth activity, at least 2 year experience in parish structures;
  • young people aged 16-18 (up to 20% of the total group) will be selected only with the parents’ written consent;
  • active young people within Christian-Orthodox youth associations;
  • theology and seminary students (no more than 10% of the total group);
  • teachers teaching high school / college, aged 35 or less.

In addition to their own people in charge, each delegation will have a group leader (priest) and a group attendant (a volunteer) from the organizing team.